About Us

Internet Management is a leading provider of cutting-edge entertainment and information systems technology to Multi Dwelling Unit properties. We offer the best in DIRECTV digital satellite entertainment, Voice over IP and high-speed Internet service. Through the implementation and management of DIRECTV digital satellite entertainment and high-speed Internet bundles, Internet Management has become a valued partner and trusted provider of these services to multi-dwelling units around the United States.

Whether you service residents in a gated community, condominium, apartment or cooperative - you can provide your residents with access to the convenient variety of services offered by Internet Management at a price you and your residents can afford.

Our services enable you to raise the property values and provide valued benefits for your multi-dwelling units and the entertainment bundles and communication packages we offer are the perfect choice for any multi dwelling property.


New Entertainment and information system technologies are progressing faster than ever before. Internet Managment provides easy access to these new innovations to ensure your properties retain their value in competitive real estate markets. We provides the ultimate in technology and variety.


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Your MDU business requires more than just a vendor. You need a partner.

Complete Turnkey Service

Internet Management delivers the complete MDU package. We can handle everything from installation to support. Converting legacy systems to new is our specialty and we have the experience to handle any problem. When you partner with INET Management you can count on us to get the job done. No surprises, No headaches.

24x7 Support

Internet Management is always available and our trained online technicians always have instant access to your operations installation blueprints, configuration notes and service history. Every installation is assigned to an Internet Management specialist with complete authority to direct our service agents in the field to take any action needed to fix any problem at your location.  

Worry-Free System Transfers

At Internet Management we specialize in service conversions. In most cases your MDU customers won't experience any loss of services during the switch. Every package includes complete customer notification letters and easy to use instruction materials. We even include contact information stickers that they can put on the back of TV remotes and a magnet for their refrigerator. We get the calls and you get the credit. 

Internet Management Control Panel

Our custom control panel allows you to monitor your system at anytime. Automated text message and email alerts can be set to notify both you and your service agent at Internet Management immediately of any problems. In most cases we'll have any problem fixed before your MDU customers are ever aware there was an issue.